Get your free P2 face mask to block that smoke


A reader has advised they went to the hospital and were told they are only giving them to vulnerable people, people with asthma and the elderly.

She then rang blooms and they are getting a shipment in later in the week and will be giving them away to anyone, free one per person.


The smoke has cleared somewhat, but no doubt it will come back.

If you are in need of a P2 face mask to deal with the ongoing smoke then they are available free to the public from various places.

“The smoke has been a major concern for many residents in the Goulburn electorate,” Member for Goulburn Tuckerman said.

“We have been able to secure a supply of disposable P2 masks for the community.”

They are available at:

  • Goulburn Base Hospital
  • Crookwell District Hospital
  • Yass District Hospital
  • Boorowa MPS

“This type of mask is able to filter out very fine particles from the air when worn correctly,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“They help reduce exposure to bushfire smoke, poor air quality and the associated health risks.”

According to the health warnings put out by ACT health, it is dangerous to let children under 14 use P2 masks as their respiratory system is not strong enough to inhale enough air through the mask when secured properly on the face.

Click to get more information about the P2 mask here.

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