Haze set to stay until Friday as city dwellers rush to buy masks


The thick, potentially life-threatening haze from bushfires in Victoria’s east that enveloped Melbourne on Monday is set to remain until the end of the week as city residents rush to buy the last of a dwindling stock of smoke masks.

After Melburnians woke to the smell of smoke inside their homes on Monday morning, the city’s air quality deteriorated to “very poor” in the evening with almost all areas gradually worsening as the day went on.

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Many Bunnings stores reported smoke mask shortages while Officeworks ran out of stock statewide as smoke enveloped Melbourne on Monday.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Tom Delamotte said on Monday the thick blanket of smoke over Melbourne would stay until at least Tuesday morning, with hazy conditions expected until Friday.

Wind has been transporting smoke from East Gippsland, where multiple fires were still burning on Monday, out over Bass Strait then back into Melbourne.

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Content retrieved from: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/haze-set-to-stay-until-friday-as-city-dwellers-rush-to-buy-masks-20200106-p53pat.html.

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