Coronavirus Australia: Science minister believes vaccine at least 10 months away

A coronavirus vaccine is at least 10 months away but discussions as to whether it will be mandatory will soon begin, Federal Science Minister Karen Andrews has revealed.

“It’s possible we (will) have a vaccine in the next 10-15 months,” she said on Monday.
“So it’s entirely possible by the end of this year or early next year, we will have a vaccine for COVID-19.”

Andrews says the CSIRO is assisting world efforts to develop a vaccine by testing separate vaccines from the United Kingdom and United States.
She has reiterated the Australian government’s view that a vaccine will be required to fully eliminate the virus.
“Until such time as we have a vaccine, life is not going to return to normal,” she said.

Perth clinical research company Linear Clinical Research will carry out a trial of a world-first coronavirus vaccine candidate as early as June
“While we have seen some easing of restrictions … we still have a long way to go.”
No decision has been made on whether a COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for Australians, Andrews said.
“If a vaccine becomes available, we will be encouraging people to be vaccinated,” she said.
“But we’re still working through the process of testing a vaccine.
“Yes, there are some positive signs with some of the vaccines being tested.
“But over the next six months in particular, we will be looking at how that vaccine will be rolled out.”

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