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Thailand reports second case linked to mysterious virus from China


A 74-year-old Chinese woman is being treated at a hospital in Thailand after showing symptoms of the new coronavirus which belongs to the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) family.

According to Thailand’s health ministry, it is the second case reported which is related to the mysterious viral outbreak in China. However, the minister advised the public not to panic as it hasn’t spread in Thailand yet.

The woman was diagnosed at Suvarnabhumi Airport on January 13. Though she was at the epicentre in Wuhan, China when the virus was first seen, her medical condition is believed to be improving.

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The first case in Thailand was reported on January 8 when a Chinese traveller was confirmed to have mild pneumonia because of the new prototype of coronavirus.

This new coronavirus has alarmed authorities after two people died in China and several were hospitalized. It has also been detected in Japan.

The World Health Organization (WHO), on the other hand, said “much remains to be understood” about the coronavirus.

Health Officials and authorities have ramped up screening in airports in Thailand with over 1,300 passengers expected to arrive in Thailand daily from Wuhan to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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