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Sadly the Covid-19 pandemic has hit India with a devastating second wave of coronavirus.

It is vital and urgent that we provide food assistance to the growing number of vulnerable people. The families of the nomadic tribes in Rajasthan desperately need your help.

The gypsy people who already live in poverty, have had a hard time all year, as there has been no tourist work or entertainment possibilities, on which they rely. The hope of migrating to work in this hot time is now not possible.


The whole country has been devastated, but none more than the tribal people that live in tent houses in the desert, surviving day to day hand to mouth. At this time starvation is a real concern. The Bhopa village project needs to raise money to bring food aid to theses families.

These people need your help. We are arranging food parcels of flour, dal, oil, tea and sugar. So they can have a basic meal. A small amount of money will go a really long way to help these families. Last year at the beginning of the pandemic, we were able to supply food to 45 families every 2 week for 3 months, thank to the generosity of our donators.

We are able to buy in bulk to keep the costs down and have a team of volunteers who are delivering the food. The food is divided and packaged for free by the wonderful shop man. Delivered by our volunteer Tuk Tuk driver. distributed by our team. Every penny donated will be used to buy food.


On Friday 23rd April 2021 we delivered food to 30 families in poverty, and with your help we can provide more food for more desperate families. we currently have enough money for another delivery next week. They are over 100 families in need of help. The country thought that they were over the worst of the pandemic and let its guard down it terms of social distancing and wearing masks. In the last few months there have been many gatherings for religious and political reasons, some seeing numbers reaching 4 million people attending events around the country.

Today in India was a world record of new Covid-19 cases reaching 352,991 people infected. The health system is totally unprepared for the speed and severity of the contagion, Hospitals are running out of beds, ventilators and oxygen. A special train has been arranged called the oxygen express to bring vital supplies to the most needy hospitals around Mumbai. Foreign aid of oxygen is due to arrive in the next few days to Delhi. Rajasthan is currently in a lockdown for 2 weeks which will likely be extended as the numbers are still rising.

Last year as the covid 19 eased across India, we were able to fund grass house building and repairing. As the village people live on government ground these can not be permanent structure, but are far better then the tents they currently have. We were able to bring solar lights to every home in the village, as they live without power. We provided warm clothes in the winter. Our team has work tirelessly to improve and empower the people of the village. We are working to provide schooling and micro business as well as obtaining ID cards for the villagers so they may receive the government food ration provided to impoverished Indians across the county. A team of volunteers are currently making reusable sanitary towels and these will be made and disabused by the women of the village, in the near future.


All this is now on hold as the county is griped by the coronavirus storm. Feeding the people is our main priority.

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