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Anti Air Pollution Face Anti Fog Dust and Smoke Pollution with 6 PM2.5 Filters (black-1)


Anti Air Pollution Face Anti Fog Dust and Smoke Pollution with 6 PM2.5 Filters (black-1)
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REMIUM QUALITY:The mask is made with soft cotton material and comes INDIVIDUALLY packed and sealed ensuring that the mask is of the highest standard. 2 COLORS AVAILABLE : Black,Wine red,each mask with 6 pieces filter. EASY TO USE:built-in exhalation valve lets air in and keeps moisture out,letting ...

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Safety and Protection
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If you’re new to cycling in the city, you’ll probably start to worry about the fumes you’re inhaling as you wait behind a bus at a red light, or when you blow your nose and discover black mucus.

A recent study, published in the journal Atmospheric Environment, looked at exposure to air pollution throughout the day in cities and found that people get their peak exposure to black carbon when cycling.

Another study published in the Journal of Transport Geography looked at the impact of route and time of day on cyclists’ exposure to black carbon in London, Rotterdam and Sao Paulo. The study found Londoners cycling towards Liverpool Street station during the evening rush hour were exposed to far greater levels of black carbon than those who travelled in the morning.

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Should we worry about air pollution?

According to the World Health Organisation, outdoor air pollution kills an estimated 4.2 million people worldwide every year, due to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. It’s important to note that while air pollution affects the entire planet, the greatest threat to life from air pollution is in the WHO Western Pacific and South-East Asia regions.

That said, a growing body of research suggests that the air doesn’t have to look smoggy to be dangerous. Research suggests smaller particulate matter – the term for particles found in the air including dust, dirt, soot and smoke – is responsible for the most adverse health effects. Particles from asbestos dust from car and lorry brake linings, road dust, fumes from diesel vehicles and pollen are often too small to see, but can pose health risks.

There are simple changes you can make if you are worried about the air you are breathing on your cycle commute, for example planning a less congested route, or travelling at quieter times. Yet if this isn’t an option, there are also a number of anti-pollution masks designed to filter out pollutants from the air you breathe.

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What to look for in an anti-pollution cycling mask:

  • The labels N95 and N99 are used in the UK to describe the amount of particles that are filtered – 95 per cent and 99 per cent respectively.
  • Sizing: in order for a mask to do its job, it needs to fit correctly. You’ll notice from the products below, different masks offer different fits. It’s worth reading the product descriptions and measuring to ensure it will fit.
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Will an anti-pollution cycling mask protect me from the coronavirus?

The UK Government has advised members of the public to wear a face covering when travelling on public transport or going to the shops to avoid the spread of coronavirus. While these anti-pollution masks might offer some level of protection, it’s important to note that as they are not designed for medical uses, and they are not regulated in the same way, so protection levels can vary.

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